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Rules for Achieving Scandinavian Style

When it comes to a cool, relaxed style, the Scandinavians have it down. With a reputation for strong fashion statements, their brands are known for seeing style a little bit differently. Away from the conforms of the mainstream, the Scandi’ style breaks boundaries, adds an edge and generally just makes its own trends. The look as a whole is one that is catching on as people are growing tired of the same old clothes popping on every other person in the high street. Those cropped trousers, lightweight knits and fresh... Read More

Top Intro Items For Only £50!

Have you filled your shopping baskets and ended up with a tight budget for the rest of your presents? Are you struggling to find items that are still value for money even for £50? Well here at Intro we have come up with a quick solution to your problems. We have found some of our best products for only £50! Antony Morato Black Badge L/S T-Shirt – Dark Green                                 We start our collection with... Read More

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Street Style with Intro

The Nyanzi report is a fashion street style blog, photographing regular people with great style, we have taken some of these great styles and are showing you how to put these looks together with Intro.  A good Jacket is a necessity for the winter months along with dark jeans, these two wardrobe must have’s have been dressed styled differently by these three fashionistas, Intro have a wide variety of both winter Jackets and dark Jeans there is no doubt you will be able to find the perfect Winter outfit. Delusion... Read More