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Autumn’s Coming

It isn’t quite Game of Thrones season yet, but Autumn is right around the corner. The summer months always seem to go the quickest and this year was just about same as every other in the UK, a couple of heatwaves but generally the weather has been pretty mediocre and being able to bring out the khaki shorts and vest was a rarity. Nevertheless, with new weather comes new styles! Shiny jackets set to stand out   One of the biggest decisions that comes with fashion for the 3 autumn... Read More

Top Intro Items For Only £50!

Have you filled your shopping baskets and ended up with a tight budget for the rest of your presents? Are you struggling to find items that are still value for money even for £50? Well here at Intro we have come up with a quick solution to your problems. We have found some of our best products for only £50! Antony Morato Black Badge L/S T-Shirt – Dark Green                                 We start our collection with... Read More

The Intro Grunge Look

Grunge fashion is originally believed to be around in the 90’s and seen a combination of punk and plaid fabrics. This saw the development ripped and shredded clothing, which were increasingly popular in the 80’s. The grunge look was becoming significantly common with those who were in love with punk and rock. These values were quickly absorbed by designers all around the world and were turned into a style memorable for years to come. Before we indulge in our grunge inspired outfit we need to take a look at what... Read More

James Bond Spectre Inspired Outfit

The new edition of James Bond is filling out theatres everywhere. James Bond movies will always provide us with thrilling action, enthralling scripts and a great sense of fashion. No matter how many times the Bond character changes, Mr Bond’s style, sophistication and elegance will always remain the same. Now we understand you may never be able to get the gadgets or the cars, but Intro Clothing can guarantee the outfit.                                      ... Read More


Blood Brother SS15 at Intro.

Blood Brother is an established luxury streetwear brand, founded in 2011 the brand has created contemporary, understated pieces that have became instant classics. The collections consists of mainly black and white pieces with contrasting materials and techniques that add unique textures which has created luxurious desirable pieces. The latest collection for Blood Brother is their best yet. With cool embossed message t-shirts and vests to be teamed with edgy streetwear sweatpants and jackets including sweatshirts and zip up hoodies, the look is perfect for a laid back style this summer... Read More