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Favourite New In Footwear Picks:

Here at Intro, we are always looking for the latest designs and innovations in footwear fashion. As the year passes by, footwear trends have subtle nuances and are constantly changing, here is a little taster of the new styles, colours and brands available… Cortica Infinity 2.0 217 Trainers Pink: The Cortica Infinity Trainers have been one of the most popular footwear choices over the past year, their design merges comfort and style perfectly. The netted detailing is very in line with the trainer trend that is having a moment in... Read More

model wearing glasses 12/07/2017

Behind the Brand: Delusion

Delusion is an individual and interesting brand that combines futuristic design with gothic patterns and colours. If you’re looking for a little bit of edge to your fashion wardrobe, the this brand is definitely a great place to begin. Delusion Acute T-Shirt Black Snow: This long line black and white t-shirt is reminiscent of a piece of abstract artwork. The contrasting colours are brilliantly eye-catching and the fit is flattering for any figure. If you want to make a statement, but at the same time remain comfortable and casual, then... Read More

model wearing suit 07/07/2017

Our Favourite New in Clothing Picks:

Here at intro we are always on the hunt for the latest and most up to date trends in men’s fashion, so when we find the absolute gems, we can’t wait to share them with you. Our latest new-in collections have so much variation that can be perfect for every single occasion imaginable, so whether you’re in search for your Sunday best, or want some casual everyday where, here are some of our favourite pieces to give you a little bit of outfit inspiration… Antony Morato Tipped Polo T-Shirt Navy:... Read More

model wearing coat looking into the distance 27/06/2017

Behind the Brand: Markus Lupfer

Markus Lupfer is a London based designer who frequently features his designs on the runways at London Fashion Week. Starting off at London’s University of Westminster, he graduated with a first and broke into the fashion world. His designs are symbolic of the obscurities of the world, and his most iconic pieces have gothic, black and unusual detailing. Many celebrities covet this brand and have had sported the Markus Lupfer brand at every occasion. Here are some of our favourite pieces to give you a real feel for the brand…... Read More

a pair on mans legs crossed over, with a plant in the background 23/06/2017

Summer Footwear Trends for 2017:

Getting the right kind of footwear style this Summer can be as easy as throwing on a casual pair of flip flops, but if you’re somebody who needs a little bit of variation in their wardrobe, here are some Summer footwear styles to get you excited… Cortica Epic Sub Fleece Trainers Black: One of the biggest footwear styles at the moment, for both men and women is having big cut out shapes in the design. These Cortica trainers are extremely on trend, and their light-weight feel means that they are... Read More

man wearing sunglasses and a blazer, with a blue background 16/06/2017

Best Accessories for the Summer Months

Amongst the pressure to find your perfect Summer style, it can be quite easy to forget about wearing the right accessories. It’s important to always remember that accessories have the power to make or break and outfit, and essentially tie all of your look together. Here are some of our simple favourite accessories to give you that inspiration that you may be looking for… Linda Farrow X Raf Simons Aviator Sunglasses Burgundy: Aviator glasses are a timeless classic, and the brown frame of these glasses gives a real classy and... Read More


Behind the brand: ABE

ABE are one of Manchester’s finest menswear born brand. Their aesthetic is heavily focused on a juxtaposition between nature and streetwear, with many of their items featuring prickly roses and snakes – this gives the brand more of an edge and a cut above everyday clothing. Here are our favourite picks… Rose Snake Sweatpants Black:   These black sweatpants ring true to the ABE aesthetic and brand, with the red rose and snake embroidered onto the casual joggers. If you’re looking for an injection of individuality in a casual look,... Read More

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Best Shorts Styles To Try This Summer

Shorts are a Summer wardrobe staple and this season it’s all about getting a little bit creative with your look. The classic cut down short is becoming tired and overdone, so if you’re looking for a new direction to take your look in, then look not further, here are some of the biggest short styles for this season… Black Kaviar – Sakcity Jersey Combat Shorts Pink: These Black Kaviar combat shorts are a fresh new approach to the Summer essentials. The salmon colouring is the perfect way to inject a little bit... Read More


Behind the Brand: Blood Brother

Blood Brothers was created in London, with the dream of delivering cutting edge street wear to people everywhere. This brand is famous for bringing their old time fashion to the new, with a combination of velour and iconic old fashion images. Here are some of our favourite fashion picks for this season. Shen Lo Slip On Trainers White: These slip on trainers are simple and stylish. The neutral colours are perfect for the Summer sun. These lo slip trainers would be perfect if styles with a casual pair of shorts or... Read More


Our Favourite Festival Picks for 2017

Festival season is fast approaching, and whether you’re planning on partying during Parklife weekend or travelling to Glastonbury for the week, looking good should be one of your biggest priorities. Here are some of our favourite picks for this year… Versus Versace Crew Neck T-Shirt White: Versus Versace are famous for their simple but elegant designs. If you’re looking for a way to keep it classy but still look really cool as you’re partying at a festival, then the simple crew neck is perfect. If paired with the right kind... Read More