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Behind the Brand: Markus Lupfer

Markus Lupfer is a London based designer who frequently features his designs on the runways at London Fashion Week. Starting off at London’s University of Westminster, he graduated with a first and broke into the fashion world. His designs are symbolic of the obscurities of the world, and his most iconic pieces have gothic, black and unusual detailing. Many celebrities covet this brand and have had sported the Markus Lupfer brand at every occasion. Here are some of our favourite pieces to give you a real feel for the brand…... Read More

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Summer Footwear Trends for 2017:

Getting the right kind of footwear style this Summer can be as easy as throwing on a casual pair of flip flops, but if you’re somebody who needs a little bit of variation in their wardrobe, here are some Summer footwear styles to get you excited… Cortica Epic Sub Fleece Trainers Black: One of the biggest footwear styles at the moment, for both men and women is having big cut out shapes in the design. These Cortica trainers are extremely on trend, and their light-weight feel means that they are... Read More

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Best Accessories for the Summer Months

Amongst the pressure to find your perfect Summer style, it can be quite easy to forget about wearing the right accessories. It’s important to always remember that accessories have the power to make or break and outfit, and essentially tie all of your look together. Here are some of our simple favourite accessories to give you that inspiration that you may be looking for… Linda Farrow X Raf Simons Aviator Sunglasses Burgundy: Aviator glasses are a timeless classic, and the brown frame of these glasses gives a real classy and... Read More

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Behind the Brand: Avior

Avior is a brand that prides themselves on delivering “sophisticated streetwear” to men everywhere. Often considered as being classy and expressive, this brand is a cut above the usual everyday wear. With a combination of very distinctive cuts, designs and ripped detailing, Avior is fast becoming one of the most favoured go-to men’s brands on the market. Carlos Army Jeans Black: These Carlos Army Jeans Black are a combination of casual and cool. The ripped detailing is very on trend this season and the distressed black colouring means that these... Read More

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Holiday Style Guide 2017

Swims Lace Loafers Woven Black: Swims are a unique and versatile brand, who pride themselves on their urban-Scandinavian, minimalist style. The design behind the brand is a merging of the two styles of galoshes and loafers, which make for a perfect holiday shoe. The black lace loafers go with every outfit and can be dressed for any occasion. Remus Uomo Slim Fit:   This Remus Uomo slim fit polo shirt is in line with the seasonal colours and can be dressed for day and night time holiday antics. The knitted detailing is... Read More

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Android Homme has been creating revolutionary trainer designs since their conception in 2008. Created in Los Angeles, this brand brings the edge and style of a new-aged footwear trend. If you’re ready for superior, hand-made designs that will be the envy of everyone, then definitely check this brand out! Omega Quilted Velvet Trainers Black: These trainers have a luxurious twist on a somewhat minimalist and standard classic. The quilted velvet and suede panelling really puts this style a cut above the competition and is a sure-fire way to make you the... Read More

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Thom Krom: Behind The Brand

Thom Krom is built on the foundation of “no rule book”, the edgy yet minimal design is a sign of honesty injected into the wardrobe. If you’re looking for the highest standard of every day casual, then we would like to introduce you to this completely unique and ground-breaking brand… Thom Krom Double Layer Mesh Detail Hoodie Black This Thom Krom hoodie has a longline fit and mesh detailing that is sure to set you apart from the crowd. This design takes the simple hoodie and turns it into a... Read More

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Behind the Brand: Swims

This unique brand originates from Norway, famous for their minimalist and modern designs. This brand was born in 2006 from the idea of bringing the Norwegians into the warm Summer months on the fjord and since then, the urban Scandinavian look has blown up in the UK. Swims brings practicality and style to the classic loafers design and to get you in the mood for summer, we have picked out some of our favourite styles… Swims Gavitella Shorts Navy These classic swim shorts are perfect for the Summer months. Swims... Read More

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SS17 To Watch: Scotch & Soda

The spring, summer 2017 collections are finally here at Intro Clothing. With a variety of brands taking the opportunity to cater their lines to warmer weather, we take a look into one of the most popular brands at Intro Clothing. Scotch & Soda are a fashion forward brand that purely create clothes, so their customers love wearing it. They have found the balance between high-quality clothing and affordable pricing to create a brand puts high quality detailing into each product. As a tribute to Scotch & Soda we’ve listed 5... Read More

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Baseball Caps: The Biggest Hat Trend for SS17

This season’s hat trends are all about high fashion meeting activewear, so baseball caps and snapbacks are going to be everywhere this Spring and Summer. Caps are the perfect way to finish off your look as the weather gets warmer, and they can be worn for any occasion. We have chosen some of our favourite styles to get you in the mood for SS17… Societe Noir Scribbler Trucker Cap White is a timeless Spring and Summer colour, which makes this Societe Noir scribbler trucker cap the perfect addition to your... Read More