male model wearing a mostly heard but rarely seen designed coat, the image is in black and white 27/09/2017

Behind the Brand: Mostly Heard Rarely Seen

Mostly Heard and Rarely Seen is a fresh and funky clothing brand set on bringing the 90s into the present day. This clothing brand was created by “Tomakira” Li, who was originally born in Hong Kong and raised in Japan. This unique style combination is derived from urban street fashion, mixed with Japanese culture and 90s inspired fashion. The owner of this brand likes to stay out of the limelight and remains anonymous, living by the motto “mostly heard rarely seen”. Renowned for their pixelated logos and cool prints on their... Read More

male model wearing turtleneck and grey blazer 18/09/2017

Our Favourite Sweatshirts for Autumn 2017

As we are fast approaching the Autumn season, it’s time to start thinking about those sweatshirts and hoodies to keep us looking stylish, yet warm as the temperatures drop. If you’re a Manchester native, then you will know the drill, Summer lasts for a month, and then the rest of the weather dips in and out of grey, gloomy and cold weather, but as Autumn approaches, the temperatures plummet, so it’s important to wrap up warm! Remus Uomo Lon Sleeved Turtle Neck Navy: This navy jumper is the perfect Autumnal... Read More


Behind the Brand: Gods Masterful Children

Gods Masterful Children is one of the latest brands to join the Intro family. Designed to incorporate the edgy biker look into everyday attire. This brand is not for the faint hearted and can turn even the shyest individual into a rock and roll stud. If you’re looking for a shake up of style, or simply love this look, then here are some of our favourite picks from the brand. Ferdinand Jeans Black: The classic biker look is not a far stretch from this style of jeans. The leather detailing... Read More


Our Favourite New Season Arrivals for AW17

As the seasons begin to change, the days become shorter, the weather becomes darker… and so does our wardrobe’s colour scheme. AW2017 is all about finding those deep shades and carefully planning out your outfits, considering layers, style and everything in between. Here are some of our favourite new season arrivals for AW to get you inspired and thinking about your wardrobes. Thom Krom Zip Detail Denim Jacket Black: During the transition to Autumn and Winter, as great as jackets can look, there will come a time when you will... Read More

model with his hand on his chin, looking into the camera with an orange sweatshirt and writing patterns on his sleeves 25/08/2017

Biggest Menswear Fashion Trends of 2017

2017 has brought about some weird and wonderful fashion trends for both men and women, but it has also brought some of the most innovative and timeless designs. Summer has been all about exploring your creative side and stepping a little bit out of your comfort zone. Here are some of the biggest menswear fashion trends of 2017, which are bound to overspill into 2018. Predicting the AW Menswear Fashion Trends of 2017: AW 17 will bring about more muted tones, deep reds and bloc colours, merged with classic designs... Read More

male model looking into the camera, wearing all white , and also wearing brown shoes. 18/08/2017


Mercer Amsterdam is a luxurious streetwear brand that draws inspiration from the streets of two cosmopolitan cities in New York and Amsterdam. The brands ethos is to create good quality, highly individual designs that are manufactured by small scale family owned factories, keeping the process independent. This growing brand was started in 2013 when its founder Pim Dresen developed his sneaker addiction by designing his own. Into-clothing is delighted to be able to offer you Mercer Amsterdam’s most desirable trainers from the collection. Here are three options that should inspire any trainer addict’s outfit. Low... Read More


Our Favourite Rainy Day Outfit:

Now, if you’re a fellow Mancunian, or just passing by, you will have noticed the rainclouds that have been hovering in the sky for the past couple of days. Whilst the temperature is still warm, but the weather is unpredictable and more than likely going to end in a downpour, then you need to have an adaptable and lightweight outfit to keep you looking fresh, yet dry no matter what the weather brings. Other UK Track Jacket Black: This Other UK track jacket is new in to Intro, it has... Read More


Favourite New In Footwear Picks:

Here at Intro, we are always looking for the latest designs and innovations in footwear fashion. As the year passes by, footwear trends have subtle nuances and are constantly changing, here is a little taster of the new styles, colours and brands available… Cortica Infinity 2.0 217 Trainers Pink: The Cortica Infinity Trainers have been one of the most popular footwear choices over the past year, their design merges comfort and style perfectly. The netted detailing is very in line with the trainer trend that is having a moment in... Read More

model wearing glasses 12/07/2017

Behind the Brand: Delusion

Delusion is an individual and interesting brand that combines futuristic design with gothic patterns and colours. If you’re looking for a little bit of edge to your fashion wardrobe, the this brand is definitely a great place to begin. Delusion Acute T-Shirt Black Snow: This long line black and white t-shirt is reminiscent of a piece of abstract artwork. The contrasting colours are brilliantly eye-catching and the fit is flattering for any figure. If you want to make a statement, but at the same time remain comfortable and casual, then... Read More

model wearing suit 07/07/2017

Our Favourite New in Clothing Picks:

Here at intro we are always on the hunt for the latest and most up to date trends in men’s fashion, so when we find the absolute gems, we can’t wait to share them with you. Our latest new-in collections have so much variation that can be perfect for every single occasion imaginable, so whether you’re in search for your Sunday best, or want some casual everyday where, here are some of our favourite pieces to give you a little bit of outfit inspiration… Antony Morato Tipped Polo T-Shirt Navy:... Read More