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Swims Menswear Brand Logo 09/08/2016

Men’s S16 Loafers Release: Swims

A shoe that is rich in history, the Loafer has been a favoured footwear option for men for decades now. The seamless summer shoe, the loafer offers a timeless silhouette that subtly combines comfort with style. The true love for the style has only truly re-emerged over the last few years as the stigma of the ‘fanciness’ of the shoe has declined and men have become more conscious and more adventurous with their outfit choices. Often in the past there was always the scepticism that loafers were hard to pull... Read More

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What to wear to a Summer Wedding?

Finding an outfit to wear as a guest to a summer wedding can sometimes be really difficult. Achieving a look that’s different, not too casual, but not too smart can be a really difficult balance. Luckily, we feel your pain! Here’s some key pieces that will help you nail the perfect wedding look this summer. Gibson London Donegal Trousers in Taupe You can wear these Taupe Trousers with the matching blazer and waistcoat to complete a really dapper look, or they look great as a stand-alone piece with a contrast jacket as... Read More

cortica logo 05/07/2016

The Cortica Collection

New in this week, we bring you the latest trainer additions from footwear specialists Cortica. For those of you who don’t know who the brand already, let me give you a brief background… Fairly new on the shoe wear scene, Cortica was founded back in 2013. Their vision was simple – they wanted to create unique footwear that took inspiration from futuristic designs and fuse them with vintage styles. Their passion and innovation grew from the love of minimalist design aesthetics and since then they have strived to create clean,... Read More

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5 Of The Best Men’s Swim Shorts for Summer 2016

Last week we experienced some of that glorious sunshine that we all love so much and now that we’re more consistently hitting over 20 degrees, we can finally say summer is here. It’s now time to start planning your warm weather wardrobe for those hot days here or on your holiday. From tailored shorts and tight tees to canvas shoes and those all-important swim shorts. Whatever your plans are for the high temperature time, you’ll need a pair of on-trend, stylish swim shorts to get you through the warmer months. For... Read More


How To Wear Sports Luxe

Over the last few years Sports Luxe clothing has been on the rise. It’s a men’s trend that has evolved steadily over recent times with more and more attractive and fresh takes on the sportswear look emerging each season. When people hear the word sport, they automatically associate it with a highly casual outfit that is made up of some ill fitted, practical bottoms and vest. This is however, is a thing of the past. The look, which has been largely promoted by celebrities on social media, has massively gathered... Read More


The Go-To Outfit Combinations This Summer

It’s our favourite time of the year. The sun is shinning, the sunglasses are out and the layers are leaving us. As the temperatures rises by the day, those knitwear favourites of winter are becoming a thing of the past and we are looking to that draw of shorts questioning if it’s time yet! The good news is you can and you may even be able to show a bit of ‘mankle’ however, as the heat appears to have hit us fairly quickly, it means that you’re most likely unprepared... Read More

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How to Wear Men’s Oversized/Anti-Fit Tops

The tailored fit has become the norm in more recent years with men across the globe adopting the slimmer fitted style. However, with streetwear making its comeback and more sports luxe brands entering into the marketing (evident from the collections at New York Fashion Week), the increased desire for a more urban look has hit. This gradual build since AW14, has seen a rise in the trend of oversized and longline garments. With icons such as Kanye West pioneering this style, it’s a look that seems set to stick for... Read More

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3 Trends From New York Fashion Week

As always, New York Fashion Week brings with it the inevitable forecasting of the new season’s trends. One of the most handsome dates on the calendar, it is that time of the year when the big brands and top designers introduce the new style trends that inspire and dominate global fashion. There are many new lines that grace the catwalk during the week and its still early days in terms of seeing what looks will take to the masses. To give you a helping hand, we’ve identified 3 particularly strong... Read More

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How to Wear Men’s Boots

With spring approaching, we are now experiencing that awkward time of the year when a glimpse of sun makes you fall into a false sense of security. The morning weather often tricks you into thinking a smart pair of suede shoes is appropriate, only to later experience a heavy downfall that ruins your look and your footwear. The winter season always brings a wardrobe full of warm, seasonally-appropriate fabrics paired with a decent, dependable overcoat. The flimsy, hard to maintain/keep clean lightweight footwear such as boat shoes, trainers and espadrilles,... Read More

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Intro’s Valentines Day Outfit – Part 2

Last weeks outfit was a smart, casual outfit suitable for all occasions. It included Scotch & Soda jeans, Mason Garment trainers, an Antony Morato shirt and a Remus Uomo blazer. This week we have gone for the all black everything style. The all black everything trend is the ideal way to feel relaxed and comfortable on your romantic evening.   Delusion Aska Long Sleeve T-Shirt Black                                   We start this week with our Delusion... Read More