Behind the Brand: Mostly Heard Rarely Seen

Mostly Heard and Rarely Seen is a fresh and funky clothing brand set on bringing the 90s into the present day. This clothing brand was created by “Tomakira” Li, who was originally born in Hong Kong and raised in Japan. This unique style combination is derived from urban street fashion, mixed with Japanese culture and 90s inspired fashion. The owner of this brand likes to stay out of the limelight and remains anonymous, living by the motto “mostly heard rarely seen”. Renowned for their pixelated logos and cool prints on their clothing, this brand brings the “old school gamer” look back to life and injects a little bit of fresh air into everyday clothing. Unleash your inner 90s self and explore new and interesting clothing ideas.

Dunk Sneaker T-Shirt White:

male model wearing dunk sneaker t-shirt white The charm of this white t-shirt lies within the design of the high-top logo. This pixellated high-top logo is extremely cool and has a vague remanence of the mr. Pac Man game. This is the perfect way to incorporate cool street style into everyday life.

Geometric Safari Shirt Blue:

male model wearing a geometric print, multi-coloured, button up t-shirt

This unusual buttoned shirt has a merge of different styles and patterns, making this an extremely interesting piece that is true to its Japanese heritage. The tartan design is Tokyo inspired and the waistcoat detailing will mean that when wearing this t-shirt, you will have the attention of every passer by. Definitely a geek-chic choice.

Banner Detailed T-Shirt White:

male model wearing white t-shirt with banner detailing

Again, this t-shirt merges the simplistic design with the more interesting and detail-focused design. The banner and hook detail is the perfect way to interject a little bit more style into your everyday wardrobe and makes this t-shirt the everyday piece, for the everyday man with more of a flair for fashion and style. It’s important to remember to be creative with your wardrobe, try different designs, brands, styles and always have a strong focus on the detailing.

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