Behind the Brand: Gods Masterful Children

Gods Masterful Children is one of the latest brands to join the Intro family. Designed to incorporate the edgy biker look into everyday attire. This brand is not for the faint hearted and can turn even the shyest individual into a rock and roll stud. If you’re looking for a shake up of style, or simply love this look, then here are some of our favourite picks from the brand.

Ferdinand Jeans Black:

black jean and leather styled jeans

The classic biker look is not a far stretch from this style of jeans. The leather detailing really completes the look and anybody who dares to sport this style would not look out of place riding a motorbike. If you’re feeling brave, then a bold statement such as these jeans is the perfect way to show it.

Chain Biker Jeans Black:

male model wearing dark blue jeans, with zip detailing

Braving the bold yet again with this design, Gods Masterful Children has gone a cut above the average pair of jeans. The zipped detailing and leather patchwork are the main focal points, paired with the right leather jacket and boots, this could be the making of one of the coolest outfits around. this style is definitely rock and roll, so why not embrace your inner rocker and let loose in these jeans.

Prism Jeans Dark Grey:

male model wearing grey and acid washed coloured jeans, with zip detailing

This style of jeans is really steering away from the contemporary biker style, and is combining two daring styles, that clearly work in unison of one another. The stone washed grey colouring make this pair of jeans much more than your average pair, and combined with the leather biker patchwork and zips, you could pass these off as a work of art. When you’re wearing a pair of jeans such as these, you become a more confident, daring and adventurous version of yourself, a version who is ready for anything.

This brand is all about exploring your adventurous, rock and roll side and running with it. The daring combinations are the perfect way to make a bold statement and to push your style boundaries to the limits.

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