Biggest Menswear Fashion Trends of 2017

2017 has brought about some weird and wonderful fashion trends for both men and women, but it has also brought some of the most innovative and timeless designs. Summer has been all about exploring your creative side and stepping a little bit out of your comfort zone. Here are some of the biggest menswear fashion trends of 2017, which are bound to overspill into 2018.

Predicting the AW Menswear Fashion Trends of 2017:

AW 17 will bring about more muted tones, deep reds and bloc colours, merged with classic designs and new and inspiring fashion pieces. The biggest mens fashion trends of 2017 will continue into the colder months and will bring about more knitted and wooly pieces. Get ready to wrap up warm, as the weather is about to get a lot colder!

Luxury Trainers:

Green velvet mens trainers against a white background

Luxury trainers are on the rise this 2017 and we have been searching for the very best! These green Android Homme trainers are simply the best, their unique colour and detailing screams luxury, and you are sure to be one in a few who is seen walking down the street in a pair! The beauty of having luxury footwear, or a unique style, is that you will cut above the crowd and have a different style. Mens fashion trends of 2017 are all about exploring your own personal style and breaking out of the mould.

Bold Statements:

black haculla mens vest top, with stars and cartoon characters detailing and the haculla logo branded

People either shy away from or run towards bold statements, there is no real in between. Mens fashion trends 2017 are set on bringing back logos, features and patterns on everyday clothing. What a way to bridge the gap between bold and shy. This Haculla piece is perfect for those days where you want to cut above the rest, but still be comfy and cool.

The Collarless Shirt:

white male collarless shirt, with black buttons and rolled up sleeves

The collarless shirt is possibly one of the best trends to be taken from 2017 and into the coming years. A simple change in detail really is an effective change in style. That cool Manchester style can be achieved with ease when wearing a piece like this Antony Morato shirt. The transition into AW style will see the demise of the short sleeved shirt, and will make way for the long sleeved collarless shirt, which are both styled perfectly with a pair of black skinny jeans.


grey societe noir baseball cap with mesh detailing, and a white writing

The word “accessory” is really broad and there are so many different styles and pieces that are at your disposal throughout the year. From designer belts, to jewellery, the list goes on, but menswear fashion trends of 2017 have taken it back to basics, and items such as baseball caps have come full circle. Whether you’re wearing them to complete an everyday look, or at a more formal occasion, baseball caps are back in and this Societe Noir cap is the perfect example what is hot right now!

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