Our Favourite Rainy Day Outfit:

Now, if you’re a fellow Mancunian, or just passing by, you will have noticed the rainclouds that have been hovering in the sky for the past couple of days. Whilst the temperature is still warm, but the weather is unpredictable and more than likely going to end in a downpour, then you need to have an adaptable and lightweight outfit to keep you looking fresh, yet dry no matter what the weather brings.

Other UK Track Jacket Black:

black track jacket

This Other UK track jacket is new in to Intro, it has everything from the lightweight feel to the classic 90s look that is very “in” at the moment.The dark colours are great when the weather is miserable, if you get wet then it won’t be very visible, and the smooth polyester material will keep you warm.

Haculla Silent Killa T-Shirt Black:

haculla top with cartoon eyes

Haculla clothing is renowned for their quirky and individual designs. This Silent Killa stays true to their reputation, drawing all focus to the cartoon eye design. This otherwise simple black t-shirt is a perfect wardrobe filler for the everyday style. Pretty much everybody will have a black T-Shirt in their wardrobe, but only very few can boast this design.

Lot 22 Skim Skinny Jeans Black:

black skinny jeans

These Lot 22 skinny jeans are simple and understated, which is the best thing you could aim for, for a more everyday and casual look. The fact that they’re black means that they will go with pretty much any colour, or style of T-Shirt. For this outfit, we have chosen the sleek all-black look.

Android Homme Propulsion Mid 3M Perf Trainers Black:

black trainers

Black trainers are perfect for rainy days, as no matter how dirty they become from walking in puddles, it will be extremely difficult to tell! These Android Homme propulsion trainers are in line with the classic look that has become increasingly popular throughout 2017.

Societe Noir Iconic Noir Hat Navy:

navy baseball cap

To complete any rainy day outfit, you need to accessorise correctly. Wearing a hat is not only practical, but it is also looks cool. Societe Noir are renowned in Manchester for creating the most effortlessly stylish and cool designs, whilst using the best quality material. The blue colouring breaks up the overall black theme to the outfit and again is neutral enough to be styled with anything.

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