New in jeans: our favourite picks

2017 has brought some of the most weird and wonderful fashion choices, but something we have always been able to rely on is a good old trusty pair of jeans. Here are some of our favourite and classic style pics to get you inspired and excited to in the coming months. Check out our favourites…

Antony Morato Hyper Distressed Skinny Jeans Grey:

blue ripped jeans

These grey Antony Morato jeans are in line with the distressed trend that is really big at the moment. We picked these as one of our favourite pairs, as the grey colouring and fading detail is really unique and a style that can be rocked in any season.

Embellish Boy Biker Jeans Blue:

blue ripped detail jeans

We chose these Embellish boy biker jeans because of the really cool biker trousers detail on the thighs. Although these are certainly not made for a motor bike, the distressed look and biker detail really gives off that “bad boy” vibe that would look great paired with leather.

Other UK Patchwork Denim Jeans Blue:

stone washed jeans

These Other UK patchwork denim jeans will make you really stand out from the crowd. The mustard coloured stress marks is really pushing out the style boundaries… and we love it. These yellow tones mean that you will have to strategically choose your outfit, as not to clash or make your overall look too loud.

Scotch & Soda Skim Blue Barth Skinny Jeans Blue:

blue rolled up jeans

In comparison with our other choices, you could call this “safe pair” of jeans. Their neat exterior and fit are perfect for the everyday look, and the rolled up detailing is extremely on trend. Sometimes a minimal design speaks volumes, and these Scotch & Soda jeans are the perfect pair to complete your outfit.

Jeans are a wardrobe item that will forever be in style, so as long as you’re looking for the right pair, then your choices will alway be relevant and interesting.

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