Best Accessories for the Summer Months

Amongst the pressure to find your perfect Summer style, it can be quite easy to forget about wearing the right accessories. It’s important to always remember that accessories have the power to make or break and outfit, and essentially tie all of your look together. Here are some of our simple favourite accessories to give you that inspiration that you may be looking for…

Linda Farrow X Raf Simons Aviator Sunglasses Burgundy:

aviator sunglasses in brown

Aviator glasses are a timeless classic, and the brown frame of these glasses gives a real classy and sophisticated feel to them. Sunglasses are acceptable to wear all year round, so once you have found the pair that is perfect for you, be sure to cling to them.

Vitality Jewellery Lorde Heavy Ring Silver:

silver ring

Simple chunky jewellery is man’s best friend. It’s minimalist enough to not draw attention to your outfit, but effective enough to tie your outfit together perfectly. Most commonly worn on your middle finger, this ring is a great Summer accessory.

Antony Morato Black Badge Texture Bag Black:

man's shoulder bag

Having the right shoulder bag can be bother convenient and stylish. Gone are the days where you have to worry about stuffing all of your things into your pockets and feeling uncomfortable throughout the day. This Antony Morato shoulder bag is simple and elegant and will therefore compliment any outfit at any given occasion.

Scotch & Soda Smart bow Tie Navy Polka Dot:

blue and black bow tie

This Scotch & Soda bow tie is perfect for those who have a quirky sense of style. The blue colouring and floral pattern are both charming and eye catching and would look perfect with a pale blue shirt. If you’re looking for a unique outfit accessory for a more formal occasion, or just want to jazz up your everyday look, then trying out a bow tie could be the best decision that you have ever made.

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