Behind the Brand: Avior

Avior is a brand that prides themselves on delivering “sophisticated streetwear” to men everywhere. Often considered as being classy and expressive, this brand is a cut above the usual everyday wear. With a combination of very distinctive cuts, designs and ripped detailing, Avior is fast becoming one of the most favoured go-to men’s brands on the market.

Carlos Army Jeans Black:

black ripped jeans

These Carlos Army Jeans Black are a combination of casual and cool. The ripped detailing is very on trend this season and the distressed black colouring means that these jeans can be dressed up or down to fit any occasion. Pairing these jeans with a classic shirt and shoes combo can really give the perfect smart-casual feel.

Eduardo Layered Sweatshirt Tan:

longline layered beige hoodie

The Eduardo Layered Sweatshirt has a futuristic feel to it and the layers of short sleeves over long sleeves gives a real edge to the overall look. This would be the perfect clothing item to take your everyday look to the next level.

Davide Distressed Cardigan Black:

Black ripped cardigan

Distressed clothing is very in this season, and is set to carry on into the colder months. The Davide distressed cardigan embodies all of the main attributes of the Avior brand and the sophisticated streetwear look.

Indy T-Shirt Taupe:

taupe t-shirt

The Indy t-shirt is simple, but has just enough detailing to make things interesting. Avior is renowned for the use of muted tones, which compliment the warm weather and blue skies backdrop perfectly.

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