Holiday Style Guide 2017

Swims Lace Loafers Woven Black:

Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 13.29.11

Swims are a unique and versatile brand, who pride themselves on their urban-Scandinavian, minimalist style. The design behind the brand is a merging of the two styles of galoshes and loafers, which make for a perfect holiday shoe. The black lace loafers go with every outfit and can be dressed for any occasion.

Remus Uomo Slim Fit:


Beige knitted polo top

This Remus Uomo slim fit polo shirt is in line with the seasonal colours and can be dressed for day and night time holiday antics. The knitted detailing is perfect for holiday a destination where the temperature drops at night! Forget wearing a jacket, this shirt will give you all the warmth you need.

Black Kaviar Swansea Hooded Sweatshirt Khaki:


Khaki green short sleeved hoodie This Kaviar Swansea Hooded Sweatshirts in Khaki should be an addition to everybody’s suitcase this year. The short sleeved feature will keep you at the perfect temperature as you’re exploring far off places. Khaki green is the Summer colour of 2017, so this sweatshirt will keep you on trend all through the season.

Antony Morato Flower Flip Flop:

multi-coloured floral flip flops

These jazzy Antony Morato flower flip flops are the perfect suitcase fillers that scream holiday. The flower detailing gives a real tropical vibe that wouldn’t look out of place on a sandy beach.

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