Behind the Brand: Swims

This unique brand originates from Norway, famous for their minimalist and modern designs. This brand was born in 2006 from the idea of bringing the Norwegians into the warm Summer months on the fjord and since then, the urban Scandinavian look has blown up in the UK. Swims brings practicality and style to the classic loafers design and to get you in the mood for summer, we have picked out some of our favourite styles…

Swims Gavitella Shorts Navy

Swims Gavitella Shorts Navy

These classic swim shorts are perfect for the Summer months. Swims have kept this design really simple and on-trend with the navy and orange colouring and mid length design. If you’re going on holiday, then these are the perfect light-weight suitcase filler.

Swims Breeze Leap Laser Loafers Navy/White/Orange

Swims Breeze Leap Laser Loafers

The Swims Breeze Leap Laser Loafers have been designed with warm weather in mind. The mesh material means that your feet can breathe in the Summer heat. Swims have been true to their heritage with this minimalistic and modern design. The signature navy and orange combination give a little bit of depth to this classic loafer design. These are a perfect match with chinos and shorts.

Swims Woven Loafers Brown

Swims Woven Loafers Brown

The Swims woven loafers in brown are the perfect addition to any Summer wardrobe. Their lace features and suede collars makes for a simple and sophisticated design that can be styled for any occasion. If you’re looking to inject style into your everyday Summer wardrobe, then the brown woven loafer is the perfect candidate. For the best look, pair these shoes with light denim jeans.

Swims Paloma Chino Hybrid Shorts Grey

Swims Paloma Chino Hybrid Shorts

These Swims shorts combine the classic chino design with the practicality of swimwear. Now you don’t have to compromise your style when you want to have a dip in the pool. This hybrid chino styling really takes the urban Scandinavian look to the next level


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