Men’s S16 Loafers Release: Swims

A shoe that is rich in history, the Loafer has been a favoured footwear option for men for decades now. The seamless summer shoe, the loafer offers a timeless silhouette that subtly combines comfort with style.

The true love for the style has only truly re-emerged over the last few years as the stigma of the ‘fanciness’ of the shoe has declined and men have become more conscious and more adventurous with their outfit choices. Often in the past there was always the scepticism that loafers were hard to pull off with a great deal of success, however, this is no longer the case. They’re not only practical but they look great when paired with shorts and smarter suit pants. A huge trend for the 2016 year is to embrace the ‘mankle’, and loafers are the perfect way to do that. With a whole host of varieties to cater to every taste, brands are releasing some innovative designs to capture the eyes of the high-street.

This brings us to Swims.Swims Tassel Alligator Emboss Loafers Black

For those of you who don’t know Swims. This Norwegian brand was found in Oslo in 2006. Their Scandinavian style carries the ethos that they always aim to transform purely practical products into a classy and branded lifestyle item with bags of personality. It’s all about versatility and functionality when it comes to their ranges, striving for that sleek, comfy and minimalistic design. Their attitude of combining true function with timeless classics is the foundation of the brand and that logic is what created their clothing line. After years of progressing with the same attitude, they turned their hand to shoes and developed the all new Swims loafer collection that we are now stocking.Swims Penny Alligator Loafers Navy

We currently have the Penny, the Braided, the Lace, the Tassel and the Woven ranges so there is plenty for you to pick from. As you can see from the pictures, these shoes deliver exactly what the Swims ethos aims to achieve. You’ll notice that all of these shoes feature the anti-slip grip and rubber driver outsole aesthetic, which is a signature look and feature of their shoes.Swims Lace Loafers Navy/White

So whether you’re hitting the beach on holiday or just the high street, when considering your loafer selection this summer, why not think Swims? A picture speaks a thousand words and there is nothing that does these shoes more justice than their attractive aesthetic. Practical and visually stunning, there’s a clear reason why this is such a vibrant and highly sought-after brand.

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