The Cortica Collection

New in this week, we bring you the latest trainer additions from footwear specialists Cortica. For those of you who don’t know who the brand already, let me give you a brief background…

Fairly new on the shoe wear scene, Cortica was founded back in 2013. Their vision was simple – they wanted to create unique footwear that took inspiration from futuristic designs and fuse them with vintage styles. Their passion and innovation grew from the love of minimalist design aesthetics and since then they have strived to create clean, thoughtfully designed shoes, self-stating that they ‘promise to create beautiful, aspirational products that break conventions.’

As you will see from the pieces below, you can really tell that they have succeeded in their aim of creating contemporary, perfectly crafted shoes. The shoes wonderfully represent the British heritage that the brand was born into and we’re really excited to see well their collection thrives. Today the world of men’s footwear has never been so competitive, which is why it is great to see brands like this emerging who have a real passion for breaking boundaries. So let’s take a look at the collection…

Infinity Runner’sCortica Infinity Runner Trainers Dark Grey

The Infinity Runner shoes have arguably a yeezy esk influence in their overall design. Coming in black, navy, grey and also a black on black edition, there is something to meet whatever you want to wear. These front laced trainers, mostly come with a striking contrasting sole and a branded heel. A great street shoe, these offer you a way of getting the compliments still without having to wear the generic huarache’s that clutter the high street.

Infinity 2.0Cortica Infinity 2.0 Trainers Stone:White

The Cortica Infinity 2.0 trainers are magnificent shoe. We are currently stocking them in stone/white, grey/black as well as grey/white so you have some variety in your final decision. The trainers all come with a one-piece tongue upper, pull tabs and honeycomb mesh panels. The true beauty about these trainers. Lies in the fact that they’re so eye catching. With all of its different lightweight fabrics, different panels and breathable knits, you can’t fail to take notice these trainers. Perfect for a sports luxe outfit or a casual summer style, these 2.0’s simply don’t disappoint.

Epic Runner’sCortica Epic Runner Trainers Khaki

An on trend fashion statement this year, the cut away design doesn’t show any signs of stopping in its popularity. These Epic runner trainers offer both comfort and a strong style. The mixture of fabrics once again offer a luxury feel to the shoe and if you want something a bit different this summer, then look no further… there’s even a mutli-coloured pair that are definitely worth a look!

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