Our Summer 16′ Intro Style Gym Look

Today hitting the gym and working out is, to a lot of guys, the most important thing after their jobs and family. Looking good now is the shared goal of millions of people as we’re all striving to standout and look the best we possibly can.

With that in mind, the gym wear market has dramatically increased as people want to look as good as their muscles do. For some, no thought is put into their gym attire but for the majority, people are conscious about what they wear. Of course you could wear the typical sports branded options that clog up the gym but if you want to opt for something with an edge, why not choose to add a little bit of Intro flair into your outfit? Summer is the season that gyms are at their peak so why not stand out in the crowds? Take a look at our gym pick that will leave people staring at you for more than just the work you’re putting in!

The TeeDSQUARED2 Maple Leaf Crew Neck T-Shirt White Mens

As you can see with this new Dsquared2 crew neck tee, it’s subtle style is perfect for a gymgoer. A more understated style choice, the branding offers you enough detail to catch the eye of onlookers. Using a light colour like this doesn’t draw much attention to you for the wrong reasons once you’re sweating a lot and its regular fit means that it won’t cling to you or ride up when you lifting upwards.

The Sweatpants Simon + Simon Track Sweatpants Navy

Invest in these all new Simon + Simon track sweatpants. These branded pants are a slim fit that are tapered at the ankles so you can so off your leg muscles (that is, if you haven’t skipped leg day!) and so you have a smart look about you. Sweatpants like this are all the rage at the moment in the sports luxe look so you have the ability to use this in and out of the gym. They also come with zip pockets which allows you to safely hold your locker key and phone whilst your hanging upside down doing crunches.

The ShoesCruyff Asteroid Kevlar Mesh Trainers White

For those weight training sessions, opt for something with a bit more class and sophistication. Try the new Cruyff Asteroid Kevlar trainers! There distinctive Kevlar mesh construction makes them brilliantly breathable for your feet, not to mention how appealing their overall aesthetic is. Cruyff trainers are designed as a sports shoe that is fused with luxury and that’s exactly what this shoe is. The Recoupa’s are the ideal lightweight option for this outfit so stop blending into the background and make that statement when you do your squats!

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