Cristiano Ronaldo Summer Inspired Outfit

The 2016 European championships are underway and as always, England are off to an underwhelming start… Despite the typical doom and gloom of the home nation performances, we get to find enjoyment watching the various world-class footballers in Europe. Even if you’re not into football, you’ll know that there are two footballers in particular that have become household names and are dominating the awards as well as the headlines… they are of course Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Cristiano Ronaldo is generally like marmite; you simply either love him or hate him. However, whatever your opinion on him, the Portuguese professional is undeniably a great talent and once more, he is also highly regarded for his dress sense. If you keep up to date with his Instagram, you’ll see he is a sharp dresser and many people aim to replicate his fashionable style and now you can too.

Ronaldo recently posted this smart and sleek getup on his feed so we thought we’d break the choice down for you, so you could get your own Ronaldo inspired outfit for the summer months ahead.

Cristiano Ronaldo White Menswear Outfit

The Shirt

As you’ll see from his clothing choice, he has really embraced the fresh white look in this outfit. Perfect for showing off a tan, white is the ultimate summer colour that provides you with a clean cut, sophisticated style. So when it comes down to the shirt, why not try the Remus Uomo? This great classic collared, all white shirt helps you achieve a replicate look easily and even, affordably. A simple but strong move, roll the long sleeves up until just before the elbows to give yourself the relaxed, calm, cool and collected appearance and also make sure you tuck the shirt in – it’s smart we’re after here, not casual!

Remus Uomo Ashton Classic Collar Shirt White

The Pants

Here Cristiano has gone for the tailored trousers and turned up the ends in order to highlight his footwear and continue the roll up ends theme. If you want to copy his clothing precisely, then we have some amazing Gibson tailored pants that give you that exact option. However, we wouldn’t be Intro without offering you something with an edge, so why not try these white Black Kaviar trousers. These men’s designer jeans are an on-trend addition that provide you with a skinny fitted leg if you’re not really one for the looser tailored treatment. Remember to still turn up the ankle but ensure you don’t give yourself a thick roll up as it will look like you’ve done it because they didn’t have the short leg in so you had to get the longer pair!

Black Kaviar Gescape Jeans White

The Shoes

To complete this ‘reem’ Ronaldo choice, invest in a pair of loafers, like these Paolo Vandini Truman shoes. Once again, these may differ as they’re red, rather than brown but the idea of this look is to make a statement with your shoes. This suede addition offers you a little bit of luxury and gives you a comfy, summer footwear outfit supplement. Having your ankles on show is a trend that is back with a bag this summer after previous years of mixed reviews so make sure you get on board with it!

Paolo Vandini Truman Shoes Red

It’s all about having a well dressed, relaxed facade when it comes to this outfit choice. What’s on show here is a classy style that is evident without having to shout about itself. It may not make you play football as well as him but it will definitely get you looking as good as him this summer!

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