Summer Suit Options: Blazers for Those Brighter Days

Summer is here and it is now about that time when you release you need a new suit. Those shouts for a day at the races or even that wedding reception outfit you’ve put off have sudden crept up on you and now you’ve realised you need to begrudgingly part with your cash.

All that is left to do is to decide what you’ll wear on the day. This is never an easy decision and unless you’re prepared to scout around the shops on the limited weekends you have free, you have a big ordeal ahead of you… and that is not even mentioning finding the right colour, style, fit and even, accessories to go with it.

So to give you a helping hand, we’ve essentially done the hard work for you! We’ve listed this season’s best summer blazer options so you can dress and definitely impress for your up and coming outings.

Remus Uomo Calzo 2 Blazer  Remus Uomo Calzo 2 Blazer Blue

The new Remus Uomo collection has hit our stores with a bang and if you’re looking for a sophisticated edge to your event, look no further! This single breasted jacket with a slim line lapel is subtly but stylishly detailed with the Remus Uomo lapel pin. The suit has been designed with the traditional two button fastening and when you purchase the blazer, the handkerchief is included to save you having to mess around trying to find a matching one.

Built in a slim fit, the selection comes in blue, pink and grey so if you want something that displays your personality and stands out, there’s an option for you. If you want to go one step further you can complete the look by adding their Leo waistcoat to your attire. It adds a smarter edge to the look and we recommend when you rock the Remus Uomo, you compliment it with a fresh white shirt to really make a statement with the colour.

Scotch & Soda Yarn Dyed Blazer

Scotch & Soda Yarn Dyed Blazer Blue 

The Scotch & Soda Yarn Dyed Blazer, is the new blue patterned pick from the brand that continue to please. This piece creates intrigue as its contrasting buttons and pock square add a bit of flair to the formal look. With a tailored fit, its built for the masses and with two inner pockets, its practical as well as fashionable. The colour of this blazer is truly magnificent and on a warm summers day, it looks fantastic in any setting you attend.

Antony Morato Blazer  Antony Morato Light Weight Blazer Khaki

If you’re one for being a bit different, consider Antony Morato’s new lightweight number. Coming in cool khaki and classic black colours, this super slim fitting blazer offers a smart but casual option to those sun filled days. If you want to dress up but not go ‘all out’, then this is the perfect choice for you. Just because you don’t want to wear a full suit, it doesn’t mean you should compromise on your style and in the hot heat, a lightweight option will be just what you need.

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