Festival Fashion: What to Wear

The festival season is here! When it comes to roughing it in a tent, traipsing through muddy fields and classily partying near portaloos, dressing stylishly is an uphill battle, especially after a heavy first day. We are now living in a time when image consciousness is at it’s peak. We all want to stand out from the crowd with our attire and that can’t be more appropriate when it comes to festivals.

Our American friend’s seem to have been doing festivals right recently with some strong styles coming out of Coachella. Now granted British festivals do contain a lot of rain unlike theirs ones, there is still evidence there that shows you can look good in the festival environment. So to give you some outfit inspiration on what you can rock in order to remain looking good all weekend, we’ve listed what you need to wear!

The Raincoat

Blood Brother Longline Bomber Jacket Black

As mentioned, Britain’s unpredictable weather usually proves havoc for your packing as one minute its can be sunny and the next it’s torrential rain. If you attempt to be sensible and take a big coat, chances are it will be glorious all week and it will just end up taking up more room in your bag. Therefore, you need something lightweight and practical.

Perfect for stuffing in your bag, this Blood Brother longline jacket is a stylish and reliable option that will ease you through the testing times of the weekend. New in, its longline nature gives you a taller appearance and it will handle a downpour with dignity. And in the case that it doesn’t rain, its won’t be a burden to carry around if you’re taking it as a precaution.

The Stand Out Shirt Antony Morato Short Sleeve Detail Shirt Black/White

At festivals, you have a free pass to go bolder. As festivals are all about fun and freedom, you can get adventurous with your attire. A lot of people take the opportunity to experiment and be daring and so should you. That’s why you should consider this all new Antony Morato detailed shirt. This short sleeve option keeps you cool in the hotter climates and creates intrigue to on-looking eyes. This addition will give you a masculine and on-trend vibe and when matched with a pair of tailored shorts, It creates an unbeatable silhouettes for the event.

The Shoes

Tech Rapid Runner Trainers Red

The trickiest piece to pick for a festival… Shoes have become the most conscious and adored piece of any man’s wardrobe and the modern man is highly precious over his collection. On a normal day, the thought of scuffing or dirtying up your footwear is not a welcome thought but when it comes to a festival, you’re going to have to accept that they’ll take some damage. That being said, it doesn’t mean you should compromise on your style just because they might get a mark! Fresh white trainers are back with a bang this season but they certainly won’t last, therefore we recommend the Cruyff Tech Rapid Runner trainers. Built with vivid colours they’ll bring the outfit to life and as they’re comfy and easy to clean, this pair will go down great whilst you’re dancing away.

The Hat

 Haculla Minds Eye black Snapback

Unless you’re a proud owner of a buzz cut or bald head, headgear is essential on a festival weekend. After that heavy first day and with no shower to in sight, it means that the well-groomed hair-do you rep so well in the week, won’t be maintainable. That’s why you need to ensure you take a cap with you in order to cover up that messy – and chances are soaked through – hair from the first day’s antics. So find your urban edge with this Haculla Minds Eye Snapback. It tops of the outfit in the ultimate way and has that fascinating detailing that suits the festival setting so well!

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