How To Wear Sports Luxe

Over the last few years Sports Luxe clothing has been on the rise. It’s a men’s trend that has evolved steadily over recent times with more and more attractive and fresh takes on the sportswear look emerging each season.

When people hear the word sport, they automatically associate it with a highly casual outfit that is made up of some ill fitted, practical bottoms and vest. This is however, is a thing of the past.

The look, which has been largely promoted by celebrities on social media, has massively gathered in popularity and this season it is one of the top trends. This easy to master look is all about pulling off a that sleek and sporty profile so to help you achieve this style, here’s what you need to know in order to successful wear it.

So What Is Sports Luxe?

Sports Luxe or ‘Sports Luxury’ are comfy to wear garments that typically have a relaxed feel to them. The clothes are not exclusive to sporting brands as now the majority of labels are creating sports luxe pieces to capitalise on the much-loved trend. Perfect for lounging and casual outings, the trend can be smartened up to meet the occasion. It is a great way of impressing and showing your style all without having to slip a suit on!

The Tops

Antony Morato Crew Neck Sweatshirt Navy 

Give your lounging style a lift with a sports luxe top. A staple of the look, the tops are usually understated and plain but can sometimes feature a bold print or pattern for a style contrast depending on the person. The fit of the top will also vary on individual taste but non the less you have a variety of options to choose from. You can easily pull off tighter fitted/slim designs however, the majority of the time a baggier, more relaxed longline tee is worn.

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Underated Tonal Stripe T-Shirt Khaki


Antony Morato Contrast Sweatpants Navy

When it comes to this trends, the pants are the area that define the look. It is the part that designers have got the most inventive with over the last few years with tighter styles dominating the shelves. Some pieces offer a close fit throughout, others give a loser top before tightening below the knee and then you also have the baggier ones with a just slimmer ankle. The joggers should be plain on the whole to complete the effortless intended look, however elements of detailing along side of the leg and knee region are creeping into the newer collections.

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Blood Brother Cycle Jogger Sweatpants Black


Cruyff Recopa Hex Trainers

The shoes are the piece of the sports luxe look where you can express your personality and go for a bit edgier. Like the t-shirts you’ve got a whole host of choices that will work well with the trend. Canvas shoes, plimsolls, hi-tops or running trainers will all go great with it and you can even smarten the look up with a pair of leather boots or brogues. Ideally for this part, there needs to be an element of colour that will really bring the outfit together so you can make the statement with your shoes and own the sport luxe style this spring.

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