Black Kaviar S16 Arrivals

With summer fast approaching, the warmer days are finally coming and that much-loved sun is starting to shine. With the radiant rays beginning to show it means we can gradually remove those layers and be a bit more adventurous with our outfit choices. Here at Intro, we’ve just received the amazing all new, Black Kaviar summer 16 collection for you to enjoy all season long. Take a look below!

Black Kaviar

Black Kaviar are renowned for offering unique designs. Their collections are inspired by the grit and glamour of the streets. Their fresh, menswear clothing makes Black Kaviar a luxury urban menswear label that marries the street with style.

The Vests

We begin with their vests. Now dressing appropriately to combat the rising temperatures is crucial and doing it stylishly is a task that puts even the most seasoned of dressers to the test. There are several wardrobe staples available for constructing summer-appropriate outfits and the vest, despite some criticism, is one of the best items to achieve the look. A modern essential, the vest is ideal for tackling higher heat and to pull it off successfully, it’s often a case of how you wear it, not what you wear.

Mens Black Kaviar Guilder Vest Black

As you can see, Black Kaviar’s latest styles display that raw gritty, street look they’re so well known for. These breezy, loose fitted garments offer bespoke distressed hole detailing that provides you with a statement look. With a range of colours and patterns to choose from, there are a lot of options you have available to you when it comes to your outfit. Whether you want bold and brave or simple and subtle, introducing a vest is a great way of injecting some personality and a focal point into your look. We recommend combining it with a set of tailored, streamline cut shorts before finishing it off with a pair of minimalistic trainers or smart boat shoes.

Black Kaviar White Vest Mens

The Bottoms

With the rise of sports luxe wear, this summer we are set to see a more relaxed approach to men’s apparel. In an older blog extract, we touched upon the rise of the trend in the ‘Gym Kit that works outside of the gym’ post.

For Black Kaviar this season, they’ve took the sports luxe ethos and applied their own spin with their new sweatpants and shorts. As you can see, it’s all about being comfortable but looking good at the same time, whether you are chilling or getting active.

Black Kaviar Guerruer Sweatpants Black Mens

Their Guerrier sweatpants, which come in black and khaki are biker influenced. With multiple pockets and cuff detailing these bottoms are worn perfectly with a loose fitting top to announce your contemporary style.

Black Kaviar Gemlik Shorts Khaki Mens

Black Kaviar’s Gemlik shorts are a mid-length answer to the high temperature troubles. They maintain the relaxed, sports luxe look of the sweatpant but offer a more cooler compromise. Minimalistically styled with two white stripes on either side, these shorts get you away from duller, all plain options and instead, provide you with detailed, simplicity to give you that bit extra.

The T-Shirts

In our last post, we discussed how to wear longline tops and Black Kaviar are no stranger to this look as you can tell from their new lines. If you’re confident in wearing your clothes oversized then this is the brand for you. The luxurious longlines, proportion playing pieces and statement silhouette t-shirts allow you to cut through the male masses and make yourself known.

Black Kaviar Gittle T-Shirt White Mens

As you can see, from one of kind shoulder straps to fashion forward pocket detailing and zip designs, Black Kaviar are not afraid of pushing the boundaries of menswear clothing. Again we can elements of their small distress holed designs, a staple theme in their summer collection.

Black Kaviar Glazgo T-Shirt Beige Mens

The Kaviar Closing

Black Kaviar is a brand for the bold. If you’re a confident man, who doesn’t like to be boxed into to a mainstream style, Kaviar’s urban wear is something you need to consider. Too often in summer do we play it safe and rely on old favourites. It’s the season to make that change and embrace the new 2016 trends – stand out and make that statement.

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