How to Wear Men’s Oversized/Anti-Fit Tops

The tailored fit has become the norm in more recent years with men across the globe adopting the slimmer fitted style. However, with streetwear making its comeback and more sports luxe brands entering into the marketing (evident from the collections at New York Fashion Week), the increased desire for a more urban look has hit.

This gradual build since AW14, has seen a rise in the trend of oversized and longline garments. With icons such as Kanye West pioneering this style, it’s a look that seems set to stick for the foreseeable future. If you follow Intro’s ranges, like we hope you do, you’ll know that we’re big fans of this look so take a look at why this it has become so convincing.

Our Longline Tops

Now the longer length won’t be to everyone’s taste, that’s a given. They are designed specifically for a defined urban appearance that nestles itself in the sportier, more casual direction of menswear fashion. Simply put, the longer top is a fashion statement, with its loose and relaxed look creating a striking and bold look. On the face on it, wearing this piece seems like a ‘hard to pull off’ task but this doesn’t have to be the case if you stick to a few rules.

Keep It Casual

This is not a look for a formal occasion so don’t try it. The long length contemporary tees or shirts are not designed for this purpose. Stick to the more classic cuts if you’re after the smarter look.

Keep It Simple

Depending on how daring you are with your fashion; the general rule is to keep the detailing of the top to a minimum. Stick to the plainer colours and let the length make the statement. Zip detailing adds to the urban look but steer clear of large extravagant patterning. If you try too hard to make that street statement with bolder prints, you will as a result cause a reverse effect, removing the effortless key look to this trend.

Keep It Restricted

Long length tops work best when paired with slim legwear to create that contrast that makes this style so cool. You don’t need to oversize everything, as mentioned above, keep it simple and classic. That oversized top will announce your style on its own, especially with the juxtapose against your fitted bottoms, so there is no need to go overboard. Keep it to the one anti-fit piece per item.

Outfit Inspiration

The best way to wear this look is untucked. When it’s a bit breezier, layer the top under a lightweight jacket such as a bomber jacket. Keep the hi-lo contrast as mentioned above and pair with some desert boots or trainers. Alternatively, you could even throw a crew neck jumper over the top of it or even wear an open shirt with it to emphasise the overall silhouette.

Suede Beige Underated Oversized T-Shirt

Underated Oversized Suede T-Shirt Beige

D.Gnak K6574 Long Sleeve T-Shirt Black

D.Gnak K6574 Long Sleeve T-Shirt Black


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