Different Occasions To Wear Android Homme


For those who don’t know too much about Android Homme, it is a brand with the desire to create comfortable, contemporary and street luxury footwear for the modern man. Javier Laval the Creative Director found Android Homme in 2008 and it has seen an incredible rise over the years with trainers such as the Omega, Prop and Propulsion ranges becoming increasingly popular. Android Homme is available for different occasions and here at Intro we want to show you!

Nothing But Smart

Android Homme Omega Woven Trainers Black

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We start our Android Homme range with the Android Homme Omega woven men’s trainers in black. If you’re looking for something smart and comfortable it is a great place to start. It is made from leather uppers, as well as leather placed on the inside, rubber soles and details on the body of the trainer to add a bit of flair.

If you choose our Android Homme trainers, you can complete the look with our Blood Brother Morto t-shirt in black and our Delusion Astray men’s trousers in black.

Casual, Quick Footwear

Android Homme Omega 415 Snake Trainers Black


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A men’s casual outfit is an outfit capable of prioritising comfort over both presentation and formal appearance. It is something that is a tad more laid back and can be worn anywhere and our Omega 415 snake men’s trainers are ideal. Similar to the Omega woven trainers, it is made from leather on both the inside and outside with a snakeskin detailing on the body of the trainer.

To complete the casual look Intro recommend the Antony Morato short sleeved polo in black and grey combined the Antony Morato skinny Rudolph trousers in black!


Android Homme Belter Running Trainers Navy

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Android Homme are well renowned for its comfortability, but for sporting activities you need the Android Homme Belter running trainers. It provides superb comfort with the true stability and support you need. The Belter range are designed to expand and withstand the consistent wear and tear of sports. It has a suede and mesh upper, a rubber shoe and padded ankle to provide the ultimate comfort.

Its Time To Relax?

Android Homme Omega 2.5 Hi Top Trainers Navy

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We all have those days where sitting back and relaxing is the greatest feeling in the world. As well as wearing your most comfortable clothing you still need the trainers to match and for this occasion and we have chosen the Android Homme Omega 2.5 men’s hi top trainers in navy. It features a mid to high top design, detailing on the body, a thick sole and is made from a suede material.
Finish the whole outfit off with our Thom Krom M 126 sweatshirt in black and Antony Morato silver badge sweatpants in dark grey!

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