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Men’s shirts are the ultimate wardrobe staple. There are many different styles, variations and ways of wearing the shirt, however they are often overlooked. With the new season and Summer on it’s way, now is the time to freshen up your look and wardrobe.

Here’s our run down on how get the most out of your shirts, and the must have investments this season.

Denim Shirt – Whatever the season and whatever the weather, you can always rely on the trusty denim shirt for both practicality and style. Many often associate this style of shirt with a casual outfit. However, its versatility allows for a number of occasions…


Casual Denim

Casual Denim

Starting with the most simplified of looks and perhaps the one it’s best know for; the denim shirt does casual so well. It will always look great simply thrown over a plain tee. Why not turn up the relaxed vibe with rolled up sleeves and leave your shirt slightly unbuttoned? If it’s good enough for Beckham it’s good enough for us.


Double Denim

Double Denim 

Just the phrase “double denim” is usually enough to scare a lot of us. Often we associate the look with the early 90’s: dated and gaudy fashion. However, times have changed and so has the stigma. Double denim has moved forward with the times. Now the likes of Kanye West are showing us how it’s really done. The one most vital detail to nailing this look is to simply ensure you are wearing two different hues of denim. If you’re wearing light on top, go dark on the bottom, and vice versa. If you’re still feeling slightly intimated, then break the look up with a bomber jacket or over coat.


Preppy Denim Shirt

Preppy/Work wear

Finally if you’re looking to find a way of wearing this shirt to a more formal occasion, perhaps to work or smart/casual drinks, the key is layering and accessorising. Buttoning the shirt up fully will instantly smarten you up. Try layering a plain sweater or cardigan over your shirt, or under a classic blazer. A wool tie is also a worthy addition.

Formal Shirt

A well fitting formal shirt is something every man needs in his wardrobe. If you don’t need one for work, there will be an occasion where you need to dapper up and button up.

Formal Shirts

Shirts for work

A work shirt doesn’t always have to be plain and white. A simple stripe pattern will add a dash of colour and detail to drab office wear. Also look for colour details such as contrast piping and buttons for stylish sophistication.


Sporty Shirts

Formal Drinks

If you’re looking for something smart for a night out, button down collars will keep you looking on top form but without the bother of a tie. Sporty and contemporary details help create the perfect balance between smart/casual, so you won’t look like you’ve just stepped out of the office.


Pattern Shirts

Print/Colour Shirt

If you’re looking to make a statement with your shirts and stick to a street style, then print is definitely the right way to go about it. With Summer just around the corner now is the perfect time to go bright and bold.

The great thing about printed shirts is that most of the focus is on the shirt. Keep your bottom half simple with plain jeans, chinos and basic pumps. Of course if you wanted to embrace the statement look fully, then there is nothing wrong with teaming your shirt with the freshest, boldest kicks, as long as you have the confidence to match!


Polo Shirts

Polo Shirts – Casual/Laid back

A polo shirt sits perfectly in between the lines of smart/casual. Jeans and trainers will add a relaxed element to your shirt – perfect for casual Fridays. Wearing a work trouser and/or smart shoe will still make a polo shirt acceptable and a stylish twist for work wear.

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