SS13 Preview

A sneaky preview of what’s arriving over the next few months at Intro. We’ve got some fantastic new brands lined up to get you kitted out for Spring/Summer, including:

Drink Beer Save Water – T-shirts

Drink Beer Save Water T-shirts

DBSW started with an absurd idea of saving water by drinking beer (sounds good to us). This young, fun t-shirt label carries that whimsy through to their designs: their t-shirts are more of a ‘social lubricant’ than just clothes – instead of limiting clothes as a way of looks, use them to start up conversations instead. When you’re wearing a DBSW t-shirt it’s easy to spark up a conversation and ease up any situation.

Drink Beer Save Water t-shirts DBSW t-shirts

Drink Beer Save Water are all about having a laugh and a good chat, which is fine by us. We’re sure these will be a popular line when they land.

Adidas SLVR Clothing

Adidas slvr coming soon


Adidas SLVR is a refined clothing line from adidas, combining it’s legacy of sporting luxury with sportswear essentials and high fashion. SLVR is a world of clothes that is in sync with the fast paced lifestyle of today; it is built from the technical excellence of adidas whilst pushing the limits of sportswear.

Shop the new collection now at Intro and be a shining example of versatility, simplicity and innovation. The adidas SLVR range is designed for life on the move as adidas proves yet again that it is one step ahead.

Keep checking back as we’ll have more new brands arriving at our Intro shop and at soon.

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